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Editorial Staff


Mac Murray

Sports Editor

Andy Yamashita

Photo Editors

Nicole Pasia

Conor Courtney

Podcast Editor

Hannah Turlove

Illustrations Editor

Greta DuBois

Managing Editor

Rachel Morgan

Opinion Editor

Andre Lawes Menchavez

Health & Wellness Editor

Iseabel Nance

Copy Chiefs

Trevor Hunt

Diana Davidson

Video Editor

Alex Nagode

News Editors

Ash Shah

Jake Goldstein-Street

Arts & Leisure Editor

Brooke Kaufman

Engagement Editor

Hannah Krieg

Design Editor

Dylan McKone

Cartoons Editor

Elijah Pasco

Pacific Wave Editors

Chamidae Ford

Estey Chen

Development Editors

Kyle Bender

Sam Steele

Business staff

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Advertising Managers

Emma Koehler

Preston Bingley

Marketing Coordinator

Faith Bae

Publisher/Editorial Advisor

Diana Kramer

Accounting Supervisor

Tom Yoo