Walking to class today, UW students will pass, among the corridors of the University, fellow students, faculty and the CIA.

An investigative team -- including about five members of the CIA -- will be on campus to find out whether all national-security information has been removed from the papers of the late Sen. Henry M. Jackson, D-Wash., who died in 1983, according to The Seattle Times.

Jackson served in the U.S. Congress for almost 43 years. The papers -- originally donated by the family 20 years ago -- contain reports and correspondence from Jackson, who was an expert on national security, energy and environmental concerns.

The hundreds of boxes of papers, located in the Allen Library, were originally searched at the time of donation for items marked with "national security designators," Kelly Knickerbocker, UW facilities security officer, told The Times.

All marked papers were sent to federal agencies for review, and many have since been declassified at the UW's request for research purposes.

The review team also includes members of the Department of Energy, the Air Force and the National Archives and Records Administration. The investigation is expected to span a few days, according to The Times.

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