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Ridiculous anti-white politics are threatening people of color in Seattle

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This past Monday, Dec. 5, a friend of mine noticed and took a picture of this poster taped up near the UW Book Store. Addressed to those who choose to date white people, it warns that “propagation of whites” will “not be tolerated,” and that those who choose to date white people “have been warned.”

This is a crystal-clear threat against people of color in the Seattle community. I would argue that, implicitly, it is especially a threat against women of color. I know such women who felt shocked and afraid for their safety after seeing its toxic message, a message that is unequivocally a racist and violent threat.

Obviously, I get that the “goal” of the poster, as far as one is discernible, is to challenge white supremacy. In the abstract, this is a noble pursuit. But sentiments like this one are so ridiculous, so comically hyperbolic that they go beyond being merely fodder for conservatives to rightfully mock and liberals to shake their heads at. They present a genuine threat to the very people they claim to try to protect.

In our world, those who are members of any marginalized identity — such as being a woman, queer, non-white, or transgender — do not simply face violence and increased difficulties to self-actualization. They also tend to be the first ones hit by the effects of problems as diverse as climate change, relationship violence, and poverty.

Think about it for a second. The poster makes no threats against the white people it claims are inevitably destined to perpetuate social ills. Instead, it directly threatens the people of color who choose to date them. This is a disgustingly classic example of how people of color, especially women of color, are blamed, attacked, and otherwise targeted disproportionately.

Whether it be survivors of sexual assault getting blamed for being assaulted, or a poster threatening to harm women for their dating choices, we live in a world where women and people of color suffer violence from many different directions. This poster proves that those directions know no political bounds. People and organizations, both liberal and conservative, will gleefully join in.

To the creator of this poster, I ask: How many women of color must we harass before you are satisfied in your goal of ending white supremacy? Give me a number, please.

The poster credits ”Emerald City Antifa,” an anti-authoritarian organizing group. I reached out to this group to ask if they did indeed put it up and I have yet to hear back from them (See update below). I would hope they would be eager to clear their name of the poster or clarify their thinking behind it, since the threat it perpetuates is a classic play out of the fascists’ handbook.

This poster is the tip of a diseased iceberg in our national discourse. In an effort to reject ideologues like our incoming President-elect, some people have run so far in the opposite direction as to be absolutely destructive to the issues that are actually important.

For me personally, dating really is hard as a white guy — it has to be. When I go on dates I am constantly evaluating my own biases and my role in the context of the relationship; this is part of being a more decent and sensitive person. If you want to make an argument about how people like me can better understand and play our role in relationships, especially with people of color, I’m all ears.

But if you feel the need to put up a ludicrous, violent, threatening, racist piece of hyperbolic crap like this, I ask that you kindly cut that s---- out.

Update: On Dec 18th, The Daily was informed that on December 5th, the Emerald City Antifa had posted an update on their Facebook page to announce that they were not responsible for putting the poster up. According to the group, the poster was falsely attributed to them. In the context of the group’s denouncement of the poster, it is possible that the poster was put up in order to defame the organization, but its origin is still unknown.

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Matthew Scott

This article is just as laughably pathetic and absurd as the flier that it's based upon. For starters, let me just agree with the commenter who brought up concealed carry and self defense laws. I also carry concealed, and being native to a city far away with an obscene rate of violent crime- I have made it a point during the past two and a half decades to be very proficient with my firearms. That said, let's get down to brass tacks. I don't believe that this sign was put up with any green-light from ANTIFA. I am not defending the group here, as I feel they are obnoxiously naive cowards. But this particular stunt strikes me as a troll.
It has, however, inspired you to write a ridiculous article on how the message somehow targets women of color. I cannot even begin to fathom the mental gymnastics required to come to such an abstract conclusion. The sign is quite clear and direct here. People of color who date, and who consequently reproduce with white people, are not propogating more white people, you dunce. Unless you wish to somehow make the argument that biracial offspring who have one white parent are indeed white themselves. If that's the case, Obama is white, right? Good luck with that one. The sign is warning white people not to breed more white people. As a father of two beautiful white children, I would love to meet the person who thinks they have consequences in store for me in response to what I have done. You go on to state how dating is especially hard for you, because as a white man, you are burdened with the exhaustive task of evaluating your role in the relationship, and overcoming biases...or some such bullshit. That part gave me a good laugh. I don't think you have to worry too much about making sure that you are sensitive enough, buddy. I feel quite certain that the majority of the women you have dated have let you know this in their natural way... which is by immediately shuffling you over to the friend zone. Grow a spine, man.
And seek some professional help as well.

Emerald City Antifa did not create the poster. They stated in a Facebook post: "Another head's up - we did not create or distribute this one either. This is not our message. This come across like what white supremacists tell each other about anti-fascists. Not very clever! Still, annoying."

It appears the white supremacists got one over on The Daily, and this article was published without fact-checking.

"When I go on dates I am constantly evaluating my own biases and my role in the context of the relationship; this is part of being a more decent and sensitive person."

No, that's not being decent or sensitive. That's just ethno-masochism at its worst; and it actually fuels the anti-white bigotry epitomized in that sign. Stop it.

It seems to me that the poster means its not right to propagate if you are white! Nowhere on the poster does it say anything about 'people of color'.

As a Caucasian person, I am threatened. AntiFA is openly against the existence of White people. That's why concealed carry and legal self-defense is the law. I have been warned, thank you.

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