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During many high school seniors’ college hunts, a typical question arises: Is this school a party school?

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Since race is such a fundamental part of our identity, it’s essential to analyze the spaces we enter to ensure that the communities we inhabit offer us racial and ethnic acceptance.

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When aunt Susie asks on Christmas, once again, if you have a boo thang and the answer is still a no, there’s always a little awkwardness and shame accompanying that interaction.

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And so, during this season of tacky PDA and candied hearts that taste like chalk, we have four love stories to remind you why love is so special: It shows up in every part of our lives. And if you think it doesn’t — well, it’s probably just around the corner.

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So if you’re not going to dump this person because you think there’s a chance they might actually like you back, my opinion is that you have two options: be willing to overcome your commitment issues for this person and ask for a relationship, or leave them alone.

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I could tell you about the three consecutive years of middle school in which I single-handedly took the crown at my school’s geography bee and science fair, but I’m afraid I’d only be setting myself up to be on the failing end of a polygraph test.

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If you haven’t watched “When Harry Met Sally,” I’ll give you the rundown: Harry and Sally bump into one another multiple times in teeny tiny New York City (where everyone just coincidentally runs into people they know all the time) and the two decide to be friends. Despite their friendship growing closer throughout the movie, Harry is keen to prove that his one rule in life stands true: Men and women can’t ever be “just friends.”

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