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Spring break reminded me I can’t trust white people

It’s not an escape from the pandemic, it’s colonial violence

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spring break and covid

It wasn’t enough for the whites of Greek Row to throw summer super-spreader parties that endangered the community as protests for Black lives amid the death of George Floyd occurred mere blocks from them. It wasn’t enough for the whites of Greek Row to ignore public health guidelines nearly a year into the pandemic and throw an alley party the week a COVID-19 variant was detected in our community

Spring break came, and in typical fashion, my white peers at this university continued to disappoint me with their performative activism and how they followed in the footsteps of their violent white supremacist ancestors –– they travelled to Hawaii and Mexico, endangering the lives of local communities for the sake of their own aesthetic pleasure. They’re not ashamed to post about their colonial pursuits on their feed, either. 

A (now former) friend of mine posted an Instagram story of her with a group of white UW Greek life folks taking shots at a restaurant in Mexico, maskless, as a masked server frantically tried to clear off their table. 

Beyond the putrid Greek stench that was radiating from the video itself, the post also emitted a clear message to me as a body of color in this university: Even the white people you consider your “friends” in this space, even those who are majoring in the “progressive” departments, are still not to be trusted. 

You say you love and respect my voice as an abolitionist and decolonial queer activist of color, but your actions prove you to be cut from the same raggedy cloth as the nasty colonizers I despise for murdering and assimilating my ancestors.

Seattle, and our campus, is considered by most as a “liberal” space, full of white folks open to learning about the cultures and perspectives of marginalized peoples. Maybe this is true through the white gaze, but anyone with the slightest bit of melanin can see the thin shell containing the hollow promises of equity in this university –– it’s all just a smoke screen, and white folks do a good job at hiding behind it.

Just last quarter, I took a seminar on race relations in the United States where we uncovered the racist roots of our oppressive social systems and fleshed out the influence and dominance of whiteness in our country. As per usual, white women in that class continued to take up the space, speaking over voices of color, and colonized conversations on BIPoC experiences by centering themselves in it.

A few of the white women in my class actively led our discussions on topics like opting for community care, implementing restorative justice, and condemning white supremacy. At first glance, people might applaud these white folks for doing the bare minimum, and I will admit, I almost applauded them myself.

However, spring break put me in check. In our last week of class in that seminar, we specifically talked about honoring Indigenous people’s sovereignty and the importance of protecting our communities at the hands of oppressive and violent institutions. A week after that, numerous white women in that class –– including the white woman who led the class conversation on those topics –– hopped on flights to Mexico and Hawaii. 

Locals of Hawaii are even calling their acts of tourism a form of terrorism that is endangering their communities, practically begging them to stay away, but whites will continue to do what whites have always done in our history –– create carnage at the expense of minority communities in order to obtain their own selfish desires. 

Aliyah Musaliar, a third-year student studying law, societies, & justice and philosophy, was one of the few students of color in this seminar with me who resonated with the anger I felt at the violent actions of our performative peers.  

“Seeing my liberal white peers traveling during spring break just impressed onto me that even though I’m not in the School of Drama, students are performing all around me,” Musaliar said. “When their audience is an instructor that is critical, or peers with lived experiences of violence, white liberal students will put on an act for their audience. Then they will retreat back to their white friends, or their families, and then literally retreat in the global south and recreate the same violence they protested against in that given course.”

There’s a grave sense of irony here with these “good whites” –– they attend these social justice classes and display #BLM and #StopAsianHate in their social media bios to absolve them from their racism and proximity to white supremacy, yet voluntarily own a plethora of war criminal and imperialist RBG and Obama stickers. They then study the law to fight for human rights but then actively defy pleas from local communities not to travel to these areas, furthering the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the community.

“Although vaccines are rolling out all over America, I don’t think it is time to be exploring other places,” Bailey Concepcion, a second-year public health major from Guam who serves as the cultural chair of the UW’s Micronesian Islands Club, said in an email. “Thinking about a place like Hawaii, I know that even before the pandemic, tourists would disrespect the island in many ways. To me, by saying you are in support of minority communities, it does not make sense that you would neglect the locals’ wishes.”

I simply can no longer trust that the white folks around me are truly the anti-racist allies they say they are for this reason. 

It isn’t enough to just post an infographic on Black injustices or graphic images of Asian violence occurring in our country on your story. To commit to anti-racism and to support the Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate movements, it is important to commit to a lifelong pursuit of combating white supremacy and our country’s history of violence against BIPoC people. How exactly do these white folks expect to get justice for Black lives or stop Asian hate when they follow the lead of their own ancestors who ignited generations of trauma and the systemic inequities these communities face today?

“I think it is interesting that folks repost infographics when they live [lives] that are counter to the content of those infographics,” Musaliar said. “Traveling and having poor [BIPoC] people serve you after spending your quarter within the comfort of your middle-class peers nodding as you performed care is unsettling to say the least. When white and non-Black [people of color] perform for their classmates, and then act the complete opposite towards the same groups they claim to be [supporting] in their own lives, it just reveals that they were using those groups, and their affiliated knowledge, for their own social and economic mobility … It’s white supremacy 101: Maintain the hierarchy, boost your own wellbeing, and use other people as pawns.”

Although I will never stand down to white supremacy, I can’t say that I am not afraid of it. There’s something sinister about a white person who is unaware of their white supremacy and racism and instead is shrouded by the false guise of their “wokeness” –– they simply can’t see the violence they perpetuate because they learned what “intersectionality” was in a lecture and reside in a “liberal” school like the UW. 

Possibly the one thing scarier than an actively aware white supremacist is a white person with a diversity pamphlet in one hand who is unaware of their role in upholding white supremacy in their own personal life. 

“As a femme of color, I have witnessed white women and femmes the most participate in this performance,” Musaliar said. “This is why academia is particularly harmful, because it steals the models and language of Black and Brown people to understand race, teaches it to white folks, and then actively denies the original innovators access.” 

In a previous article I wrote about whiteness in educational settings, someone commented, “You expect your white peers to be self-aware … This is too high of an expectation ... Think smaller, and you will be much happier. Anticipate that your peers are probably not going to be completely on board with you.”

It’s violating when I read comments like these, when I continue to see Greek life harm the community and the UW mirror our country’s inability to punish white violence, and when I see the white folks everyone forces me to believe are “good” proudly share their colonial spring break pursuits on my feed. 

White folks can be as violent as they’d like, but if I dare say anything about it, it’s suddenly on me to reassess my expectations of their white supremacy –– a sentiment echoing how my Indigenous ancestors were subjugated to believe their erasure and colonial domination was their own doing as “savage” beings. 

I’m tired of being gaslit about my distrust in the white folks around me, and although I disapprove of my colonizer peers for their spring break plans, at least I now have a reminder of who and what I must fight against to achieve anti-racism in my communities. Just like my ancestors, I will take note of colonial white supremacist forces pushing against the collective healing and liberation of me and my community, and I am not afraid to stoke the fires that I’ll ignite on my own to burn white supremacy to the ground.

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Concerned Citizen

Until Andre Lawes Menchavez can directly addresses his own racism and outright bigotry he will remain an ignorant brainwashed fool.

Concerned Citizen

It wasn’t enough for the whites of Greek Row to throw summer super-spreader parties that endangered the community as protests for Black lives amid the death of George Floyd occurred mere blocks from them. It wasn’t enough for the whites of Greek Row to ignore public health guidelines nearly a year into the pandemic and throw an alley party the week a COVID-19 variant was detected in our community.

Andre Lawes Menchavez

I love how these racist social justice warriors openly condemn parties thrown by white people as being "super spreader" events but yet they completely ignore and condone the wide spread protests and riots super spreader events that they've been engaging in for over a year across the USA. These racist social justice warriors are hypocritical imbeciles. I abhor hypocrisy.

Concerned Citizen

Even though I read the entire piece, I didn’t have to read beyond the title to know everything I need to know about the virtue signaling social justice warrior author Andre Lawes Menchavez, he’s been brainwashed by the social justice hive mind and he's swallowed the propaganda hook-line-and-sinker. He’s learned to be either an anti-white racist or an anti-white proxy racist. The author is truly welcome to his own opinion even if that opinion shows others that he’s a brainwashed racist moron.


The author is a loser. Get a life. Really, if xir believes the garbage xi is spewing, I feel sorry for xi. What a horrible way to go through life.

More Inclusive than Thou

The most primitive societies often lack a word meaning "human being".

There is the clan or the tribe. That's the closest to humanity that the most primitive societies reckon.

We seem to be getting back to that.

The primacy of the value of human individuality is contemporarily at an alarming low.

Group hatred by historical grievance and hatred of individuals by association is contemporarily at an alarming high.

More Inclusive than Thou

Racial revenge. Racial grievance and historical grievance based world views. Hate by racial and historical association. Self-assessed and self insured victimhood. Using the wrongs of other people in other times and places to justify one's own wrongdoing.

All of these things are ancient. This CRT rubbish is nothing that would require ten seconds of explanation to a paleolithic hunter-gatherer, regarding one's outlook upon those outside of one's tribe or clan.

About the worst thing one can possibly devote oneself to is getting even with respect to human history.

Rather than seeking vengeance, why not seek to do something good?


This poor young person is a product of the teachings of Critical Race Theory. Look what this type of thought has done to the mindset of this individual. I'm heartbroken that the mental state of the author who should be embracing hope, optimism, their UW education and skill to chart a positive trajectory for their future has been corrupted by this dangerous dogma. The person's hateful, racist rant is misguided, nonsensical and unproductive. They are emblematic of the product of this type of "study." Shame on the UW professors and CRT carnival barkers that would seek to profit off of and create a victim class from these vulnerable young people. This person's parents should seek therapy for them immediately as they appear to be in crisis. This type of divisive, racist, hate programing and curriculum needs to stop. I am sincerely sad about this person and hope they can move past this thinking so they can have a positive future.


I see this is posted under the Opinion section of The Daily, but it should also be clearly spelled out in the article that this is simply your opinion. It is clear that this was allowed to be posted to be inflammatory and incite negative responses. There's so much negativity in the world and it's sad that a school sanctioned newsletters feels the need to contribute to it.

I still have hope that humanity still resides in our country. Hope that we realize this "getting even" mentality of tearing one group down to raise another up is the problem, not the solution. And a solution is to see the positive in others as well as ourselves - to seek and give forgiveness and unconditional love. Without those, we don't have humanity.

More Inclusive than Thou

Just imagine taking exactly the same story and changing the color norms.

Well that of course would be hate speech, right?

This is racial hatred as written. This as written by the author in the author's own words is racial hatred.

I think that the author of this piece is a racially discriminatory bigot

Comment deleted.

You can't be racist against white people, although your small minded comment makes me assume you don't know that and desperately need to go educate yourself.

Comment deleted.

claiming holding white people accountable for their harmful actions isn't racist and for you to assume it is, is actually racist lol.


It’s also quite funny that, looking back at your previous authorship, you wrote a post a while back arguing that people of color “deserve” an in-person graduation rather than a virtual one. Would that not have been specifically exposing people of color to this threatening virus and endangering the lives of their communities? Hmm...

Comment deleted.



Wow. This article is seriously appalling. A flagrant display of ignorance and racism. It's so sad to see people ruminating and placing so much importance on the skin color of their peers. The amount of hatred you feel towards white people, solely based on the color of their skin, as well as individuals in the Greek community (many of whom are BIPOC individuals themselves) is seriously alarming. The concept of not generalizing an entire race based on the actions of the few, which you, Andre, know to be a logical argument, has completely flown out the window; such blatant ignorance. Do better.


Forget the Taliban, the DHS needs to stop tourists from coming to Hawaii!

While there is a point to be made in this article that tourism has eroded Hawaiian culture and that travel increases vector transmission, it is hard to deny how dependent how the islands are on people taking vacations. Like almost everywhere else in the United States, the Hawaiian economy took some hits when lockdowns went into effect.

The alternative to a dependence on tourism was agriculture. I found some links documenting the history of Hawaiian agriculture, where they used to be huge producers of sugarcane and pineapple. The story appears to go that tourism became more profitable, as their farming economy took losses and started facing environmental regulations. I don't think it has as much to do with white imperialism, as it does travel becoming cheaper over time. Besides, terms similar to "cultural genocide" will fly over a reader's head.

Here is what I found:


Andre reminds us all the POC can be racist and bigoted.


claiming holding white people accountable for their harmful actions isn't racist and for you to assume it is, is actually racist lol.

Comment deleted.

*claim to be white allies

Comment deleted.

what is the point of this bizarre edgy false equivalence argument? the very people who committed genocides against whole races and religions ARE white people, not the other way around. how is any of that comparable to an angry article criticizing performative activism by those who claim to be white?

Comment deleted.

now here's a comment that's actually racist!


This is journalism? Conflating a spring break vacation with violence and colonialistic behavior is blasphemy. Not only do people have freedoms and the ability to do as they please, but these communities that they are "oppressing" by simply just being there most likely are in need of this tourism to keep their job and food on the table. Moreover, this author is making the argument that if you travel for spring break(to a place that mandates a negative covid test) you are not an ally of the BIPoC community and therefore violent, colonialistic, and racist. I am not writing this because I am offended as a white person but because this rhetoric and mode of thought is so foundationaly illiberal and dangerous and is not what academia stands for, nor a free society. It appalls me this article was published and sanctioned by an inclusive and intellectual university like the University of Washington.


I like how you say you are not offended as a white person but it is so painful obvious that you are. You have no right (as a white person) to say what is good for communities in Mexico, Hawaii and so on. What appeals me most is ur bigotry and hatred.


If you read what I said again it is clear that I am making a very reasonable argument. To say that there is hatred and bigotry in my words is completely ludicrous and it completely destroys any validity in your argument. I am simply observing the merits of this authors argument and how reckless it is to generalize an entire race as colonialistic and racist based on their personal decisions to travel for a break. We are all equal in this society and are able to express our opinions freely, it is a shame your argument rests on me being white and therefore a bigot.


[thumbup] Some of the other comments on here are pretty exaggerated, but I like yours! This article is, obviously, hyperbole. And I agree with you that travelling to Hawaii is not colonialism (duh! You can't compare it!) So I think you've hit a great point here about the dangerous rhetoric.

Yeah, it's super complicated and "racism against white people" is a weird topic. Sometimes it feels like a back and fourth "they said they said," but there's actually some nuanced arguments about race and colonial pasts that get completely masked by the anger and poor rhetoric displayed in this post (the main one, not your comment!). If the author actually wants to get through to people, they shouldn't start attacking them! This post didn't have to spawn all these gross comments from offended people, but it did because of how the author chose to present the arguments.

Write better.

Concerned Citizen

politicalhuskyasked, "This is journalism?"

No, this is pure propaganda activism with little genuine substance to back up the innuendo and accusations. This is what irrational social justice warriors ignorantly call journalism.


One of my favorite figures today is Cornel West. He's a black man, that carries an intersection approach to discourse. He's as progressive as it gets. I'm sure you've seen his orating. He makes me feel like everyone is the world, along with all their suffering, regardless of color, must come to the same table to love one another.

For reference, I'm as far left (nor am I white) as you can get (legalize all drugs, single payer healthcare, raise taxes on large corporations, end wars, etc), and I am very interested in intersectional theories of race, gender, and so on.

But frankly, you are very hateful here. And I say this, hoping that you refine your thinking and your writing. Not drivel on. The thing that makes Cornel West powerful, is that he talks about this history of racism and oppression by white individuals, ties it to the present and why it is our duty to be alert of such, yet conveys that he loves them nonetheless. I'm no Christian or religious person like Cornel West, but it reminds me of that quote by Thomas Paine: "The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." So please think about your writing. Reversing a long history of racism isn't something we do overnight, and as its form changes, we should take note of our arguments.


A great reply! The main post could have been much more compelling had the author taken the time to cool off and refine the content a bit.

Just goes to show how important tone is when presenting a sensitive argument.


It’s precisely the Greek stereotype that you perpetuate that made me, a Hispanic female, think that sororities would not accept me. Lucky for me another girl from my high school reached out and convinced me to rush. I would not have made it through the pandemic without the sisters in my house and yes we do have POC and women of different nationalities. Maybe you should research before you slam my house and Greek life. Have you even met anyone from Greek row? You cognitive bias probably wouldn’t acknowledge you are wrong. Can’t speak to the rest of your article but hope you consider reaching out and meeting some of us “non-white” greek girls.


This article proves the maxim that, given a little time, the Left will turn around and eat their own in the pursuit of homogeny among their social justice peers.

The author betrays his/her own bias and hypocrisy in the first sentence, “It wasn’t enough for the whites of Greek Row to throw summer super-spreader parties that endangered the community as protests for Black lives amid the death of George Floyd occurred mere blocks from them.” So parties attended by whites are super-spreaders, but protests attended simultaneously by people of color are perfectly innocuous? Give me a break! The rest other article is just a laundry list of virtue signaling, gaslighting and trying to sow more white guilt with a bunch of damned-if-they-do-damned-if-they-don’t race-baiting rhetoric. And I’m certain they didn’t talk to a single waitress in Mexico or bartender in Hawaii to see how they felt about the tourists being there. My bet is that after a year of COVID shut-downs, they were glad to have the paycheck to feed their kids, pay their rent or their tuition.


made an account just to express how sorry i feel towards all the people in the comments who believe in the myth of reverse racism. calling a white person ignorant or accusing them of unknowingly upholding oppressive colonial institutions is not racist. remember that "we should not confuse the occasional mistreatment experienced by whites at the hands of people of color with the systematic and institutionalized mistreatment experienced by people of color at the hands of whites." these two phenomena are beyond comparison.

also, shaming the author who is a queer POC and describing an article as "hateful" has powerful racial implications. BIPoC have been historically labeled as aggressive, hateful, etc. Taken from another comment under an article in the oped section, but "it is this type of language that has encouraged fearmongering and has silenced the voices of POC when they speak out against injustices." y'all need to check yourselves


The author being a queer POC doesn't exclude them from their work being criticized. That's part of journalism. I'm also willing to bet the author being a queer POC had nothing to do with the plethora of comments reacting to the blatantly racist and ignorant content of the article itself. Stop making excuses.


did you even read my comment? for the 23849032th time, it's impossible to be racist against white people. reverse racism is a myth. also, I'm not trying to excuse them from their work being criticized. i would've written this article completely differently and i do agree that it's not the most effective way of getting a point across, but there's a difference between criticism and dismissiveness.

Concerned Citizen

screamingbirbo wrote, "calling a white person ignorant or accusing them of unknowingly upholding oppressive colonial institutions is not racist."

Oh screamingbirbo, aka Carnac the Magnificent, if it's not racist to say that about a white person simply because they are a white person and there is absolutely no evidence to support the bald-faced false accusation lie then do tell us what your pea sized brain thinks it is?

Racism: adjective prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group.


This is one of the most racist articles I have ever read... I’m genuinely shocked that UW allowed this to be posted. I would recommend that the author see a therapist about his internalized racism against white people.


i feel like the true depth and meaning of racism is lost on a lot of people. "internalized racism" is more than a buzzword; it involves extremely complex power dynamics and you don't see a therapist to "cure your racism." please understand that racism is a concept that white people will fundamentally never experience. sure, there might be threads of racial prejudice in this article which can pass off as offensive but you're completely mistaken to call the article racist and to belittle the author's lived experiences, going so far as to IMPLY that they mentally unwell. if you're white, don't let the fact that you're part of the oppressor class or that you do have certain privileges as compared to BIPoC make you resentful or defensive. acknowledge our lived experiences, our frustrations that nothing seems to be changing, and do some self-reflection.


racism (noun): prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group.

Please after reading the definition try to explain how this article is not inherently racist. This article is hateful and does nothing to solve the division present between races. All races have experienced oppression throughout world history. This author clearly has unresolved issues within his own life that he needs to deal with. The article is full of anger and that anger is directed toward a stereotype of “white” people. I understand we have all experienced racism in our lives, but directing all our hatred toward a single race based on a single stereotype is not the way to go about the issue.


wow there are just so many misconceptions and things to unpack here. please understand, once again, that racism includes incredibly complex power dynamics that can't be reduced to a google search or "they said something mean about me, a white person, therefore they must be racist against white people!!!!!" claiming that white people can be subject to racism ignores the basic question of who holds more power and privilege by assuming that everyone starts off on an even playing field. the premise completely disregards institutionalized racism, which is very real, and you'd have to be willfully ignorant not to see it. and listen: the division present between races that you speak about has been sown by white people. finally, yes do tell me how white people experienced oppression throughout world history to me. yes do tell me how white people have experienced RACISM in their lives. poor white people, being told all the time that they can't dance or can't handle spicy food. do you think that this is comparable to, for example, slavery and the legacy of slavery?


You say that white people have not felt oppression. What do you say to those white skinned individuals that have direct ancestry to the Holocaust? How about those white skinned people who’s ancestors came to America after slavery was abolished- should they also pay for sins of similar colored skinned sins? Also, the author says he resents that white people talking about racism, even in support, takes away time from others. Doesn’t he, an Asian, regret that he is taking away space on this website for Black voices? Especially, when Black POC represent a small fraction of those attending UW, whereas, Asians make up the second biggest population.


claiming holding white people accountable for their harmful actions isn't racist and for you to assume it is, is actually racist lol.


Holding white people accountable for their actions? Which actions? Does any persons with white skin who come to UW from another country also need to be held accountable for their skin color? It’s time to hold individuals accountable and not generalize by color of skin.


Andre, I hope that one day your anger will fade and you will no longer hate a person because of their skin color. I pray that a day comes where you can awake and not feel miserable and find some sort of happiness in your existence. I hope that day comes sooner than later.


Ah, yes. Very sound and logical argument. Because there are absolutely no people of color in Greek Life, and not a single person of color, whether they are a part of Greek Life or not, travelled outside of the state/country for Spring Break.

Your article is bad and you should feel bad.


So, first off you do realize that there is a large population of Greeks who are Asian right? Historically and down south you would find the white population your are using to stereotype Uw Greeks. Things are changing. Also, from my insta I have twice as many dorm friends who traveled to these places. Also, the places in Mexico and Hawaii have suffered with the loss of tourism so they welcomed any spring breakers so they could feed their families. Ironically, if you have been paying attention the biggest covid spreaders were the large black population who flocked to Miami Beach during spring break and unlike Hawaii and Mexico did not require negative covid tests.


"Taking shots at a restaurant in Mexico, maskless, as a masked server frantically tried to clear off their table." How would they take the shot with their mask on? Also restraunts all over the world are operating the exact same way.


I think those who are calling this racist and promoting division are missing the mark. Opinion pieces are in many cases meant to spark controversy and debate/division.

With that being said, this article is absolutely ridiculous with it’s false equivalencies. Yes, young people who want to go on vacation in these times may be irresponsible, and are (if they are unvaccinated and unsafe with their practices) putting their own fun and desire for excitement over the health and safety of others. But equating this with white supremacy and colonization? This is not only quite the leap, but (as others have said) also minimizes these actual horrific, racist events in history by making these connections.

I don’t believe this article should be removed, as this author’s voice should be heard. But readers also have the right to call it out for the (largely) nonsense that it is.


so much white fragility in these comments you'd think I was on facebook. No, having #blm in your IG doesn't make you an ally, your actions do. try to realize the simple fact that you're bring disease to marginalized communities. go to yellowstone or something.


This is awful, hateful content. Ironic that one of the guidelines for adding a comment is, "Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person." Meanwhile, this article is blatantly racistly ranting about white people.


claiming holding white people accountable for their harmful actions isn't racist and for you to assume it is, is actually racist lol.


Putting this as kindly as I can: chill


This article is disturbing. How can we promote hatred of anyone purely by virtue of their skin colour? How can we be even marginally ok with that?


I honestly have never commented on a daily article and made this account solely to comment on this article. This author paints every white person at UW as a terrible person and is blatantly racist throughout their writings. This type of rhetoric does nothing but promote more division. I dont understand how the daily allows for something like this to be posted.


As many people have said this article is shockingly racist and i feel in the end will do much more harm than good. Are people not already divided enough? by comparing college students who went on vacation a year into a pandemic to the systematic slaughter of entire cultures is not just grossly innacurate but lessens the pain experienced by this people by relating it to something far less serious. Another aspect of this i don’t think is looked at. What about the primarily tourist based economies that have been starving for a full year now. If the waitress down there had to choose between putting food on the table and providing for her family VS the risk of getting corona virus I think the choice would be very easy. Think before you write the impact of the words you say before you go off an a cancel culture rant. The Daily should remove this article.


Your first instinct is to defend, not to look within and ask yourself in what way separates you from these tourists who claim racial solidarity while actively benefitting from the service of poorer POC. Secondly, many of these so-called tourist countries are in the situation they are currently because of colonization- there are no people who were born destined to serve others, only power dynamics and ruined economies that have been outcompeted and bullied through capitalism and imperialism. The reason these tourist countries exist as they do is because of the actions of white people who subjugated them and spread diseases not unlike the one they currently do. Finally, you are not doing a young waitress a service by exposing her to the virus and making her wait upon you. Do not assume all retail staff and waiters should bow down and kiss your feet simply because you pay them. You are indeed right though, in assuming that this article will not lead people to reflect deeper, because you yourself have not chosen to think deeper upon how your actions and attitude can impact other people, and whether or not you want to be the kind of person this article condemns.


THANK YOU for pointing out how instead of moving towards introspection many of the comments jump to the defense. why are we invalidating this author's frustration? so many comments are calling it an "angry rant." perhaps these commenters fail to understand why the author is feeling so angry because their whiteness affords them a position of privilege where they don't HAVE to experience or understand the same systemic injustices that BIPoC see and feel on a day to day basis? it is so ironic how people are jumping to insult the author and article; their insults will undoubtedly increase the "division" the article apparently sows!!!!!

Prince Walrus

I agree with much of the sentiment, but feel that the article tends towards hyperbole. To confuse violence with irresponsibility serves only to reduce seriousness of actual violence against minorities and indigenous populations – the perception of the violence that is. I understand that this is an opinion piece, and that the author evidently felt strongly enough about the issue to publish it. However, I feel that a similar piece, more tactfully worded, might have better motivated students to change.

Anger, is met with anger– as the comments around me indicate – I would encourage the author of this piece – and those opposed to it – to consider, the perspective of those on opposing sides of the argument. To be clear, I think that those who traveled – – unvaccinated and without need – during spring break were foolish and irresponsible. I am not certain that such travel was intended as an amplification of colonial pasts, rather a relocation to warmer regions – ones that rely heavily on the tourism industry.


When I was younger, I would have agreed with you. However this pandemic has greatly changed the way I, a woman of color, see other people. I optimistically believed that by withholding anger, and being patient and educational, my white friends would slowly change their hearts. But the truth is that they do not actually change, they just agree with what you are saying, and then remain racist; you put time and effort into educating them, only to find out they never paid attention, and that they still have no qualms with endangering POC by exposing them to the virus, or that in the end they never listened to your opinion. I stood by and watched this as I tried to educate them during BLM. Now I am watching them do the same, only with Asians, and as an Asian woman I cannot bear to see them repeat the same mediocrity only aimed towards my own people. It is not enough that POC have be exposed and die because of the reckless actions of white partygoers and colonizers. I think that anger is a perfectly reasonable response, and many of these colonizers are not genuinely going to care or feel the consequences of their actions if we coddle them and deny the truth, which is that they are committing violence as they remain complicit with white supremacy and cause others' deaths.


Breathtakingly racist. Wow.


Wow. Real anger and racism here that I don’t understand. The author sounds miserable and I hope he/she finds peace however they can. Bad look for the Daily to promote this.


claiming holding white people accountable for their harmful actions isn't racist and for you to assume it is, is actually racist lol.


Thank you Andre. I really like your writing style and voice. Magnificent. I agree with your article. I grew up in a town of 75% Hispanic, and when I moved away — I’m just appalled day after day about what my own race — yes, white people — have done. It contribute to my severe anxiety and I think it plays into social distinction. I never know hot to act around white people, and I’m white. I love your article. Keep it coming.


This is nonsensical, deeply confused, stream of consciousness writing. The Daily should be ashamed to promote content that does nothing but promote polarization and contempt.

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