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After three years of grinding through college, seniors might ordinarily return to campus jaded and exasperated by the unencumbered energy of all the new freshmen. Conversely, freshmen might arrive on campus overprepared and overconfident — at least outwardly. But this is no ordinary fall quarter, and freshmen aren’t the only ones feeling wildly unprepared.

Some sophomores may be stepping onto campus for the first time, while for us juniors and seniors, no amount of time spent studying into the wee hours of the night at Ode or munching on overrated (you heard us) pasta from Orin’s Place could prepare us for the year ahead. We’re all feeling apprehensive that classes will remain in-person for long and a little anxious that we’ve forgotten how to make friends.

Recognizing that mix of terror and cautious optimism in all of us, from the grizzled upperclassmen to the wide-eyed newbies, The Daily presents this year’s Pacific Wave: Back to School edition as a gentle reintroduction to the quintessential Husky experiences we get to reclaim together. This magazine covers the resurgence of live shows, the ingenuity of student-athlete monetization, and the sacrifices of frontline workers. Whether it’s your first time on campus or you’re returning for your last year, we hope these stories help you navigate the uncertainties and find community with a bit more confidence.

Estey Chen and Martina Povolo

Pacific Wave Co-Editors

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For many prospective Huskies, one of the biggest appeals of attending the UW is the chance to live in Seattle and experience its vibrant arts scene. After all, the unique Seattle music scene boasts legends such as Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix.

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