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Disability and Inclusion Edition

The Disability & Inclusion edition got started as various editors were individually commiserating about the struggles of accessibility and inclusion at UW. Even just regarding the physical aspects of the campus, we each had qualms about what disabled and LGBTQIA+ students, among many, face — whether or not we individually identified as such. As we kept talking, we realized that this wasn’t just an individual issue, especially with each of us agreeing with each other. This very quickly snowballed into, “Wait, what if we made a project out of these issues for The Daily?” As a student voice on campus, The Daily has an obligation to pass the mic. We wanted to be very deliberate about amplifying and being inclusive of the voices and issues of marginalized people at UW — specifically elevating and uplifting those of UW’s disabled communities. While doing so, we hope to make it clear that UW has an obligation to support all of our students, and that means listening and acting on the concerns of our minority communities. We want to make it very clear that we at The Daily are not naive enough to think that we could cover every issue perfectly in one edition — nor would we even want to do so in just one issue. The Disability & Inclusion edition includes coverage from the News, Opinion, and Arts + Culture sections on UW’s disabled communities, mental health, and more, and we are committed to continuing the necessary coverage on these issues, as well as holding UW accountable to our most vulnerable community members.

Opinion Editor Deborah Kwon, Web & Specials Design Editor Dylan McKone, and Copy Chiefs Diana Davidson and Madison Morgan, on behalf of The Daily Editorial Staff.

The College of Engineering (COE) released its five-year strategic plan, the culmination of 12 months of work among faculty and leadership, earlier this quarter. The plan captures the COE’s trajectory from 2021 to 2026 and focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The plan also seeks… Read more‘Why am I picketing for peanuts when I can take a seat at the table and make a change?’

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