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When you think of the term “infrastructure,” what comes to mind? What about infrastructure at UW? As students who just returned to campus (for the second time), our interactions with the university space have been sporadic, to say the least. Though it may be unfamiliar or entirely new, our campus is home to a multitude of buildings, facilities, and services that together constitute student life. And while a functioning building works just fine — as does a department that (on paper) gets the job done — what about the spaces that, in the true spirit of being boundless, go above and beyond to meet students’ needs and improve the ways in which we interact with the university?

To answer these questions — and to get a better idea of the complex machine that is UW — The Daily presents its inaugural Infrastructure edition. In this themed issue, we’ll compare some of the best and worst buildings on campus and test the theory that STEM majors get both the fancy jobs and the fancy buildings. We’ll also explore amenities like the new Softball Performance Center and (if you’re reading this in the fall of 2023) the recently renovated IMA locker rooms and pool. Read on for a history of UW development, a relative ranking of the vibes (and noise level) of various campus study spots, and firsthand accounts of Housing & Food Services silencing overworked RAs. For even more Infrastructure content, be sure to visit The Daily’s website, where you can find articles and audio projects that didn’t make it to print.

Brooke Kaufman, Editor-in-Chief

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