Welcome Edition 2021

To the Class of 2025 (and 2024), welcome. To the Classes of 2022 and 2023, welcome back. After graduating high school during a global pandemic, you’ve arrived here — at the UW — where many of us haven’t been for well over a year now. As a first-year student, you’ve probably learned where you’ll sleep, eat (oh that lovely dining hall food), and learn. But if you’re hoping there is, in fact, more to college, read no further than this special three-part edition of The Daily, your student newspaper. This year’s Welcome Edition is all about the return — to campus; sports events; socializing, networking, and organizing; lectures; club fairs; concerts and plays; parties at Flowers; parties in a basement; parties on Greek Row; and walks along the Cut. This is your time to be with others, or, if you’re not quite ready to leave the bubble — mask or no mask — to discover your newfound independence alone.

For every list of sunset picnic spots and U-District volunteering opportunities in this Welcome Edition, we also summarize the university’s COVID-19 safety measures and give you tips for managing social anxiety in a post-quarantine world. Though we can’t promise you a normal year ahead, we can share the perspectives of your classmates who experienced the UW before lockdown, and who, like you, are ready to start again. However you choose to spend your next year as a Husky on campus, know every experience is valuable. So ditch the Zoom lectures and your sweatpants and join us as we once again stroll through the Quad and hope for a graceful journey across Red Square in the rain.

Brooke Kaufman, Editor-in-Chief

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