The UW rowing team competes on the Montlake Cut.

After an impressive weekend that featured the Washington men and women’s rowing crews winning 19 of 20 races, the Huskies now head to Dexter Lake in Lowell, Ore., to take on Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington State on Saturday.

Last Saturday, the men’s team had its top boats and oarsmen sit out in preparation for this week, and gave the younger athletes an opportunity to shine.

The Huskies did just that, sweeping all eight races against local teams including Washington State, Gonzaga, and the University of Puget Sound.

Now, with his top lineups in place, head coach Michael Callahan is ready to see how his top boats can perform come Saturday.

“We’re like a ton of caged dogs, and like ravenous and ready to start getting after it,” Callahan said. “So I think you’re gonna see how excited people are to get out on the race course and see how fast we can go.”

On the women’s side, the Huskies are coming off an incredible week at the Pac-12 Challenge that saw them sweep all their races with No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Michigan, and No. 7 Virginia.

While the impressive performance is certainly the cause of much excitement this week for Washington rowing, women’s head coach Yasmin Farooq said that the team still had to work on improving their times and getting better as the season wears on, as their competition is sure to do so as well.

The women will bring all their top boats, as well as the men, who will bring their first, second, third, and fourth varsity eights to Oregon. The men will also send a freshmen, combo, and four-crew boat to Pullman, Wash., for a tune-up against local competition.  

The action is set to start Saturday at 9 a.m. for men and women’s boats.

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