Lydia Ely

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Lucid delivers her bilingual indie rock with explosive shrieks and haunting wails throughout her live show.

Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (2019)

Zero Plays (2019): This plywood container contains a miniature karaoke room that only plays songs about being ignored with zero plays on SoundCloud.

Zero Plays (2019): This single-person karaoke room heightens the emotion of already lonely music.

Let Us Pray (2019): A box designed to collect coins that are later used to hire crowdworkers to record themselves engaging in spiritual practices.

I am not a robot (2019): this metal cage contains a screen displaying questions designed by Cambridge Analytica to profile Facebook users and …

Ty Jones (middle) huddles with fellow wide receivers during the second day of fall camp.

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